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We Can Service & Monitor Most System Brands

Whether you're dissatisfied with your current service, need an equipment upgrade or are just looking to save money on your monitoring bills, we can help.  Our technicians are experienced with all the major alarm system brands and in most cases we can switch your system to our Central Station monitoring with no start-up cost for you.  

When you switch you'll also get a free system checkup to verify that everything is working properly, and the technician can do routine maintenance (like battery changes) and add any upgrades to your system that you want at the same time, saving you a service call charge.  (Additional charge applies for added parts)

Monitoring Rates That Don't Go Up



Tips For Cancelling Your Service with Another Provider

First of all, dig out that old monitoring contract you signed when you got your system and check the expiration date.  ADT contracts are typically 3 years.  Vivant may be 5 years.  Others vary.

Make sure you don't have an auto renewal clause that automatically locks you in for another year if you didn't cancel far enough in advance.  

Always cancel in writing.  It's a good idea to send your cancellation via registered mail so that you have proof in case you need it.   Verbal cancellations are not valid with most alarm companies.

Make sure that you own your equipment.  With some monitoring contracts (especially small commercial) the fine print says that they own the equipment, and you may have to return it when you cancel.

And finally, as much as we'd love to have you as our customer...Be aware that if your contract with another alarm company is not up for renewal you may have to pay a sizable fee to cancel.  Rest assured that we'll be here when you're ready.

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Unlike most alarm companies we guarantee that your monitoring rate will not change for the length of your monitoring contract, so you won't get any surprises on your bill.


Basic Alarm Monitoring is just $25 per month for small commercial and residential security and/or fire alarm systems when you have a phone line.   (Additional charges may apply for things like cellular communication or remote connectivity)