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Safety Tips

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Make Your Home More Secure for Under $50  (with or without an alarm system)


*Do some Landscaping.  Trim back overgrown shrubs that burglars can hide behind while breaking in doors or windows.  Big thorny bushes that block access are the only exception!  (FREE)

*Lock your Windows. The most common way intruders get in is through unlocked windows and doors.  If your window locks are broken, a nail hammered into the track will prevent opening until you can repair the lock.  (FREE)

*Use your Garage.  When you park in your garage on a regular basis you will save your car from vandalism AND make it less obvious when you are away  (FREE)

*Close your Blinds.  Thieves often "window shop" before they break in, targeting valuables like electronics or gun cabinets they can see through the window.  (FREE)

*Put a Padlock on Sheds and Garages.  Many thefts in our area are of tools, bikes, mowers, etc ... in unlocked sheds.  Sometimes criminals will even use your own tools and ladders to break in to your home!  


*Install Motion Detector Lights Outside.  When a light comes on while a thief is prowling they no longer have the element of surprise!  No electric where you need lighting!  There are many solar options available.  ($20-$30)

*Check your Doors to Make Sure the Hinges are on the Inside.   If your hinges are outside the door can be easily removed, even when locked!!  (FREE)

*Don't Advertise for a Break-in.  If you're going on vacation be sure not to mention it on social media or a voicemail message.   You may be excited about heading for Hawaii but don't chat about it in public ... you never know who may be listening.  (FREE)

*Put a Light and/or TV on a RANDOM Timer.   Get a timer which turns them on and off at random times.  (Costs about the same as a regular timer, but much more effective for making it look like you're home!)   ($8-$10)

*Always Acknowledge a Knock at your Front Door.  That doesn't mean opening the door for strangers!  Just call out or make noise to let them know someone is home.  Intruders often ring the doorbell first, to be sure no one is home before breaking in.  (FREE)





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