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Beeping Smoke Detectors

If You Cannot Use the System After An Alarm  

It is your responsibility to test your alarm regularly to verify your system is working properly.  Call the Central Station at 800-434-4000 to place your system on test.  Set off your alarm, allow the siren to blow for a few seconds then turn it off with your code.  Call the Central Station back to verify that they have received signals and reactivate your monitoring.

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Need Service Help With Your Keystone Alarm Services System?

Call us at (717) 632-9961 for live assistance twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. *

* If you get an answering machine, please leave a message.  We are on the phone with another customer and will call you back promptly.  

  Not currently a Keystone Alarm Services customer?  Please call between 8 am and 8 pm only.



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To request a letter of verification for your insurance company please call us at (717)-632-9961 or email us at  It will be processed within 1 to 2 business days.

Insurance Verification

These are required by an increasing number of municipalities.  Most require payment of a nominal fee to the local police department or township.  It is the system owner’s responsibility to secure and keep all permits current.  Please call us if you need any assistance in completing your paperwork.

Alarm Permits

If you are going out of town it is a good idea to contact us to add temporary special instructions, such as who to call or temporary passwords for house sitters.  Special instructions will expire the time and date you specify.  Please call us at (717)-632-9961 or email us at  You will need to have your password available to make any changes.

Out of Town Notices

If you accidentally trip your alarm, enter your 4 digit code and “off”.  You will receive an immediate phone call verifying that everything is OK.  If you do not have a password, or do not answer the phone, authorities will be dispatched.  We do not charge for false alarms, however some municipalities may charge you if they receive multiple false dispatches.  If you miss the phone call you can call the Central Station at 800-434-4000 to attempt to cancel the dispatch

False Alarms

Test Your Alarm

It is necessary to enter your 4 digit  code and “off” a second time after silencing the siren.  (Smoke detectors will not reset until any smoke has cleared.)

Nonmonitored smoke detectors will beep when their batteries are low.  To resolve this, replace the 9v batteries in all non-monitored smoke detectors.  Monitored smoke detectors (ones that are connected to our alarm panel) do not beep.  If one of our smoke detectors has a problem a message will always appear on the keypad.

If you change phone service providers you must call us to test your system while the phone installer is still in your home or business.  Your system may not work with VoIP.  If you are getting rid of your telephone service you will need to contact us to add a cellular communicator to your system.

Phone Line Changes

If your keypad indicates a low battery or “check” condition, identify the device with the problem.   With your system disarmed, remove the device cover (normally by inserting a small flat head screw driver in a notch on the side of the cover and gently twisting). If you are in doubt of how to open it, please call us for instructions at (717) 632-9961  They ARE breakable.  Your keypad may start beeping, and you may receive a call from the Central Station.  This is NOT an alarm and they will not dispatch. Remove the old battery, observing how it is installed, and replace with a new one.  Snap the cover back into place.  At the keypad, enter your 4 digit code and “off” to clear the trouble condition.  Batteries are available at many retailers or by calling us.  

Changing Batteries In Wireless Devices

Tech Support is available 24/7 by calling (717) 632-9961.  Not all problems require a trip to your home and often can be resolved over the phone.  If your system is outside it’s warranty period and you do require a technician to come out, you may be billed for a service call,

Scheduling Service Calls

Downloadable Alarm System User Manuals:


Video User Guide for Your HONEYWELL Residential or Small Commercial System

CANCEL A FALSE ALARM     800-434-4000  (central station)