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Anyone can buy a simple camera kit off the internet, but when you want guaranteed professional quality video, a  clean installation and local support when there's a problem you need Keystone Alarm.


There are thousands of cameras and DVR's on the market today.  We factor in such variables as lighting conditions, distances, electrical interference, weather, available bandwidth, power sources, recording needs, budget and more to get you the results you want.



Security from a distance

Set up your system to just view a live, local video feed or record, search and playback your cameras remotely from any computer or smart phone with no monthly fee.   We custom design your system to suit your needs.


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Upgrade and say goodbye to bad video  

Upgrade your system today!  Technology has changed dramatically, but chances are good that your original camera system wiring can be reused, saving you on installation costs and allowing you to take advantage of CVI technology.  You may also find that prices on quality cameras have dropped since you had your original system installed. Visit our showroom to view live demonstration cameras and see what you can see!  (showroom hours by appointment only, please call us at 632-9961 to set up a time)

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